Hello dear Cryptohommes investor, I will tell you the stages.

1-) We start this business by making 10000 Cryptohommes.

2-) We need to market these Cryptohommes…
      For this, we have determined the prices as follows.
      2 payment methods are available

      ETH Cryptohommes price : 0 eth for draw attention (gas fee only)
      Laser eyes Cryptohommes price : 0.01 eth(polygon)
      Other Cryptohommes price : 0.002 eth(polygon)

3-) After all sales, there will be sponsorships with various nft collections.

4-) Investors with have Crypto Hommes will have priority for new projects to be made in the future.

5-) Donations will be made from time to time from the wages earned.

6-) Purchases will be made with the money earned from time to time to enlarge the CryptoHommes.

7-) Discord roles :

      Have 10+ Cryptohommes -> babyhommes

      Have 20+ Cryptohommes -> goodhommes

      Have 30+ Cryptohommes -> besthommes

      Have 100+ Cryptohommes -> the legend